Here's How Bachelor Contestants Really Make Money After The Show Ends

After the last rose is handed out and the last tear is shed, Bachelor contestants start considering their next move. And because they don't make any money actually being on the show, they have to take advantage of their time in the spotlight while they can. They are public figures and media personalities now, with all sorts of opportunities to lend their semi-famous faces to brands on Instagram. But they have to cash in quickly — every season, new contestants come into the picture to steal the show.
While everyone is still talking about Nick and Vanessa, New York magazine decided to explore what, exactly, all of those former contestants are doing after they've finished competing for the man of their dreams. Not everybody may have found love, but many did find moola-making hustles. We spy some major #GirlBoss action.
So, where are our favorite contestants now? Read all about The Bachelor's businesswomen, ahead.

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