We'll Finally Get This Fan Favorite's Backstory In Gilmore Girls Revival

Photo: Warner Bros. Television.
More details about the impending Gilmore Girls reboot are here! Yanic Truesdale, who played Michel Gerard on the series, teased a storyline from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, premiering later this year. Truesdale has revealed that we'll be learning a lot more about Michel, the hilariously snobby but lovable Dragonfly Inn employee. "[Fans] can expect to discover more about Michel," he told Us Weekly of his role in the Netflix revival. "We kind of haven’t seen Michel outside of work, really...I think very rarely he was outside of the inn. And we didn’t know much about his personal life. So this time is different. We know much more."
It sounds like Truesdale, 47, is as pumped as we are to have Michel's storyline expanded. "That is nice for me as an actor because it gives me a backstory,” he said. "I definitely have an arc and stuff going on in my personal life that affects the character." We're glad to hear that minor characters aren't getting the shrift in the Gilmore Girls comeback. We're also crossing our fingers for some quality screen time (read: bickering) between Michel, Lorelai (Lauren Graham), and Sookie (Melissa McCarthy). And maybe we'll finally learn what made Michel so damn cranky all the time.

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