Gigi Hadid Has Reasonable Doubts About Making A Murderer Verdict

Gigi Hadid has finished bingeing on Making A Murderer and has some thoughts.

The supermodel took to Twitter to air her feelings about the series, as so many of us did after watching the real-life drama unfold. One thing she did not say is whether or not she thinks Steven Avery is guilty. That said, give her Twitter stream of consciousness a look and see if you can read anything between the lines.

Hadid is quite clear on one thing, though... She doesn't feel this was a fair trial.

That's the point Avery's original defense team have been making to the press lately, calling the forensic evidence "insecure." Hadid continues, hitting on a point that many viewers of the series agree on.

Dassey's plight was part of an online petition to the White House that got over 100,000 signatures. Unfortunately, the president doesn't have jurisdiction in either of the cases.

For those who agree with Hadid, there's good news: Avery has two new lawyers who are working on that already.

With her next tweets, Hadid hits on the feeling so many people and celebrities had while watching the series.

From there, Hadid went on to reply to, and comment on, some reactions to her thoughts. With regard to the concept of "sweat" DNA — an idea Avery's defense attorney's say is not actually a thing — she isn't buying it.

And she's got her own theories as to why bones from Teresa Halbach's body were found in Avery's burn pit.

And she's got a theory about who the other suspects could be, too.
If you were on the fence, did she convince you? Or are you team Nancy Grace?

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