Avery’s Guilty: Nancy Grace On Making A Murderer

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Add another voice to the chorus claiming that Steven Avery is guilty of the murder for which he has been found guilty. Nancy Grace echoed Avery’s ex-fiancee’s sentiment in a Wednesday interview with CNN. "I think he's guilty of the murder because he told me to my face that Teresa was there in his auto salvage pit the day she goes missing around 2 o’ clock," Grace said. "He concealed his identity with *67 to call her twice to get her to come over and then called her after he kills her, letting his identity show up on the phone record going, 'Hey, you never showed up, what happened? But then fast-forward, he tells me, she came. So what's the cover-up about?"
Grace appeared promoting her HLN special, airing Thursday at 9 PM eastern time. An HLN post claimed that the special would include evidence that Grace says proves Avery’s guilt. Fans of Nancy Grace would do well to follow her on her true medium: Twitter, which contains some truly amazing posts by the host and legal expert. Grace’s special included an exclusive interview with Avery’s ex-fiancee Jodi Stachowski. Stachowski tells HLN that she Avery coerced her into claiming his innocence on Making a Murderer. Stachowski says that Avery was consumed with rage following his 18-year false imprisonment for rape. “All bitches owe me,” ex-fiancee Jodi Stachowski alleges that Avery told her. She further says that she believes that Dassey is innocent and that Avery coerced his nephew into any crime that may have been committed. “If they let me out, [Teresa Halbach] would still be alive,” Stachowski says, crying. “Because I would have been there.” She further says that she went through four months of intense counseling to deal with her guilt.

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