6 Things You Need To Do This Halloween (With Your Phone)

If you've already watched Hocus Pocus, planned this year's epic (or last-minute) Halloween get-up, and tried Starbuck's vampire frappuccino, but you're still looking for something more to get into the Halloween spirit, you're in luck.
This year, Snapchat, Instagram, and more apps have gone all out with All Hallows Eve features. From horror flick-style filters to a pumpkin emoji brush and haunted map, there's no shortage of themed tools to elevate your posts — and your look.
Read on to find out how to get into the spirit and look for last-minute costume inspiration. And, while you're at it, try some of the fun Stranger Things experiences, too.
This article originally published October 30, 2015.
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Snapchat's Halloween Emoji Brushes

Paint sugar-filled scenes with candy bar, lollipop, and pumpkin emoji thanks to Snapchat's themed emoji brushes. Find these, and a few others, when you tap the draw icon in the righthand toolbar.

You'll also find Halloween stickers including devilish candy corn and skeletal hands in the sticker drawer, and themed lenses and filters in the main camera.
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Snapchat's Haunted Snap Map

Head to Snapchat's Snap Map on Halloween and you'll notice it looks a little different than usual. Among the many playful Halloween updates are themed Actionmoji: If you're walking around, your Bitmoji on the map may turn into a zombie, while those driving will be represented as riding a broomstick. When you're with a group of friends, you might see a Jack-o'-lantern, witch's cauldron, or bowl of candy with your collective Bitmoji. As a reminder, your Bitmoji only shows up if you opt in to showing your location within Settings.
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YouCam Makeup
If you want to see different Halloween makeup looks on yourself without taking the time to try out each in person, download YouCam. The app has special Halloween filters you can use to "try" a look on, as well as tutorials to help you recreate them.
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Photo: Dead Yourself.
The Walking Dead's Dead Yourself
Any fan of The Walking Dead needs to download the show's Dead Yourself app. Just take a picture of yourself and choose from equally creepy undead features like an axe in the head, ghostly eyes, and bloody skin. Then, choose a GIF or photo to share with friends.
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Warby Parker's Costume Helper

Having trouble deciding on a costume? Just text "boo" to 68848. Warby Parker's text activated "Costume Council" will ask you three questions. Answer each with the appropriate emoji and wait for a recommendation.
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Instagram's Creepy Face Filters

If you want to channel the Blairwitch Project and other cult horror films, open the Instagram camera. Five new filters look alarmingly life-like, especially when used with the new superzoom camera mode.
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