Passenger Shaming: So Mean, So Mandatory

Passenger Shaming is the greatest, meanest, most necessary thing we have seen on social media. It is the reason hashtags were created. It proves this whole Internet thing has, in fact, made the world a better place. Here's why: No one puts up with more bad behavior than flight attendants. Today, we give them justice.
Air travel used to be a thing you dressed up for, but it has become acceptable to show up in bedroom slippers and sleep shorts, put up your feet, and use the seat pocket in front of you as a garbage can for the 500 pistachio shells you accumulate on a 90-minute flight. It's not entirely our fault that things have become so casual. As airlines treat people more and more like cargo, we're more likely to rebel and show our true human nature — which is, apparently, disgusting.
Passenger Shaming, a new Instagram and Facebook account, targets the real problem customers. We're not talking about the armrest hog. We're talking about the lady who paints her nails in flight, and the guys who pee in the sink. (Yes, that happens. A lot.)
If you're one of the good passengers, we salute you. In this day and age, we need to celebrate the respectful travelers who manage to exit an aircraft without leaving any bodily fluid behind. But, for those who still can't get a handle on this whole decency thing, here are a few examples of what an airplane is not.

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