Take These Rebound Vacations After A Painful Breakup

Breakups are, quite simply, the worst. The disappointment and sorrow you feel when things just didn't work out can weigh you down like nothing else. Conventional cures for this gloomy period include drastic hairstyle changes and replaying sad love songs, but there's a remedy out there that drags you out of the trenches faster than others — taking a rebound vacation.
The death of a relationship is an opportunity in disguise: You're free to explore the world without worrying about the whims of a romantic partner. Being in a new and exciting place helps gain a fresh perspective on life, and you're just vulnerable enough to open yourself to unfamiliar experiences.
We've handpicked the most eye-opening trips — and the most uplifting activities you can do while you're there — to help jumpstart the healing process. Whether your idea of the perfect rebound getaway involves wandering solo in a new city or a wild beach break with your best friends, these seven places will inspire you to dust yourself off and soldier on.
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Marbella, Spain
Sunshine is the eternal antidote to sadness, and you'll be getting plenty of it along Costa del Sol, the renowned "Sun Coast" in the Southern part of Spain. Once a quiet fishing village, Marbella has shed its modest past and evolved into a resort town packed with glamorous expats.

You can take in the breathtaking views of this coastal gem in a number of ways: Hiking up the La Concha Mountain in the Sierra Blanca, lounging at one of its 10 pristine beaches, or wandering around casco antiguo, Marbella's historic town. Nothing will bring a bigger smile to your face than walking down cute European alleyways and discovering the stories behind the colorful old buildings. You'll also be getting too much vitamin D to do any overthinking.

Cheer Yourself Up With: A jaunt on the Golden Mile, the nerve center of the city's nightlife. Party your troubles away at one of the many buzzing nightclubs and live-music bars along the strip. Send yourself to gastronomic heaven with Andalusian cuisine. The region boasts three Michelin-starred restaurants: El Lago, Skina, and Dani Garcia.
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Palawan, Philippines
Tourists flock to islands in the Philippines for a myriad of reasons: Boracay for the parties, Siargao for the surf spots — but Palawan is the place to visit if you're looking for a life-changing experience. The natural wonders here can only be described as "ethereal," from the shimmering lagoons to the small caves tucked within the dramatic emerald cliffs.

Leaving your troubles behind will be an effortless feat in this paradise — especially after swimming in the turquoise waters at El Nido or snorkeling on Coron island. But if you're tempted to book a getaway to this incredible hideout, you better get in line: The destination has just been rated the best island in the world for the second year in a row.

Cheer Yourself Up With: An underground river tour of Puerto Princesa, a canoe adventure that takes you through stunningly jaw-dropping sights.
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Nashville, TN
If an international trip is not in the cards for you at the moment, the Music City will turn that frown upside down. Whatever your musical tastes are, there will be a live venue here playing the song that never fails to cheer you up.

Apart from the city's well-documented influence on the arts, its culinary scene is also a force to be reckoned with. Nothing heals a broken heart quite like a hearty serving of comfort food: The juicy fried chicken at Hattie B's and the Tennessee pork shoulder at Jack's Bar-B-Que are just what the doctor ordered.

Cheer Yourself Up With: The sick tunes and good vibes at Live On the Green, a free outdoor music festival taking place at Public Square Park this summer.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Not many cities can legitimately be called "sexy," but Buenos Aires is undoubtedly deserving of the descriptor. The Argentinian capital is a little bit of everything: part bustling metropolis, part historical monument — and, of course, a hot spot of tango.

Perhaps due to the street tango performances in San Telmo, or the abundance of fine Mendoza wines at every parrilla (steakhouse), Buenos Aires radiates passion like no other city. The city has a reputation of attracting the most good-looking people in the country, so be open to the possibility of a steamy fling that might set the course for a new romantic outlook.

Cheer Yourself Up With: A medialuna — a doughy, croissant-like treat beloved by locals — at Alimentari.
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The Gold Coast, Australia
This destination Down Under is the ideal spot for those wanting to fight off woes by getting active. If you're into water sports, you won't be able to keep yourself from the tumbling waves of Surfers Paradise. The sprawling region also boasts a handful of driving routes that pass through rainforests and national parks.

Looking for a more relaxing way of practicing self-care? Treat yourself to a package at Gwinganna Health Retreat, which is partly owned by Hugh Jackman. Word on the street is that he stops by on a semi-regular basis. What's a little relationship problem when you get to meet Wolverine himself?

Cheer Yourself Up With: A trip to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, because let's face it: There's no heartache that can't be healed by snuggling with a koala bear.
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Krabi, Thailand
Bidding farewell to a relationship — and sticking to it — is a test of your inner strength. So is traveling as a backpacker. Unlike Phuket or Koh Samui, this sunny destination is an affordable beach getaway that's still relatively under the radar.

You can do away with Instagram filters here: The island is replete with stunning landscapes that need no retouching. Unwind at the hot springs in Khlong Thom district — sometimes referred to as "nature's Jacuzzi" — and feel your unhappy thoughts slowly melting away. The island is also home to distinctive Buddhist temples covered in gold.

Cheer Yourself Up With: A tour of the Emerald Pool, an astonishingly green and unpolluted body of water.
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Boston, MA
The city that inspired a masterpiece like Good Will Hunting is sure to help you restore your faith in love. Unless you're visiting in the dead of winter, Boston is lovely to walk around, making it the perfect solo excursion.

Brush up on your history on the winding Freedom Trail, which features 16 sites significant to the founding of the United States. Grab a pint and tour the Samuel Adams Brewery, or feed some ducks at Boston Common. Hop on the T and cross over to Cambridge, where you can people-watch at the two finest schools in the country. It's the perfect setting to realize that spending time with yourself — and feeling at ease being alone — is the most important life lesson of all.

Cheer Yourself Up With: An aimless wander along the cobblestone streets of the North End, a historically Italian residential community teeming with cute cafés and gelaterias.
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