Oversized Polos Are Back; Here's How To Wear Them According To Instagram

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The oversized long-sleeved tee, bowling shirt, and hoodie are all items you could probably find in our closets right now. These days, when it comes to tees and sweaters, bigger is always better. And while wearing extra-large tops is definitely a hot trend, there are some pieces that haven't gotten the huge treatment...yet.

Enter: the polo. Collared shirts are tricky to rock supersize, which ultimately gives them their cool. They're an unexpected piece that only seems hard to pull off, making them a daring choice: Fitted versions feel super-retro and tuck nicely into high-waisted flares. Baggy polos, on the other hand, are edgy, athleisure-oriented, and play into the ironic "dad" trends fashion seems to be adopting. And while some of us are all about dressing like our fathers, that's definitely not everyone's aesthetic. That doesn't mean you have to give up on the look altogether.

Ahead are seven 'grammers who make the oversized polo look rad. Click through to see just how they style these awesome tops and give the trend a go.
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Photo via @rocoforest.
Half-tuck an oversized polo into a fitted skirt.
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Wear it with jeans and heels or sneakers.
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Get an option that has more than three buttons, so you can make it more feminine by showing off a plunging neckline.
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A long-sleeved version is just as good as a short-sleeved one.
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Layer with matching colors.
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Balance out the volume with flared pants.
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Even if your jeans are baggy, make sure they're somewhat fitted to help offset the top.

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