Is This Trend Even Cooler Than Midi-Rings?

Recently, we've noticed two distinct ways a lady can choose to adorn her hands. And, the choices are on opposite ends of the spectrum — either piled on, more-is-much-more bracelets and rings, or dainty and minimal bands and bangles that cleverly cluster. But, we'd be missing out if we failed to bring the hand cuff into the picture.
Like the midi-ring, it fits a part of the body we may not typically put a piece of metal around. Which begs the question: Do we want to? Would you want to have a band hugging your palm all day long? And, for someone who types away on a keyboard all day (this writer, for instance) or works with their hands, we can almost hear the incessant tapping that makes us wonder if this pretty piece of jewelry is as practical as we'd like.
Despite our hesitation, we must admit, a simple gold band in an unexpected place sure does look rad. And, the styling examples in the link ahead may be incentive enough to add the palm cuff into our arsenal of accessories (though maybe not for everyday wear). Click over to see more examples of the bauble that could be the next midi-ring. (College Fashion)

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