Lazy Brunch Outfits That Still Look Put-Together

It's Sunday afternoon. You wake up, check your phone, and realize there's a group text happening that says brunch is on the books — and in less than 30 minutes. Your eggs Benedict craving has kicked in, and you're more preoccupied with getting some food in your stomach than with getting dressed.

We've all had those run-out-the-door-with-hair-and-makeup-from-the-night-before moments. But it actually takes just as much (or rather, little) effort to slip into a pair of culottes, boyfriend jeans, or skinnies as it does to toss on sweatpants. With the right pairings, you'll be getting compliments on your look left and right — and no one will know it took approximately 60 seconds to throw it together.

So the next time mimosas and flapjacks rank higher than outfit-assemblage on your priority list, look to these five lazy weekend looks that will get you out of the house without trying too hard.

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