Zac Posen To Design Bella Swan’s Wedding Gown

Come Breaking Dawn, Kristen Stewart will be the envy of girls and boys everywhere...err, again. Her character, Bella Swan, will be given the evil-eye in theaters across the nation as she walks down the aisle to marry Oh-What's-His-Hot-Face, but before she can famously mumble that " I do" in front of God and coven, she's got to say yes to the dress, and that's where designer extraordinaire Zac Posen will hopefully step in. The frock will follow the book's description as being a nod to the early 1900s, and we think Posen, master at marrying old-world elegance with modern design, is a bloody brilliant choice. Final decision, however, reportedly rests with author Stephenie Meyer, who is the same woman that put Edward Cullen in a horrific ivory turtleneck and beige leather jacket in the first book. Maybe it's time to turn it over to the professionals, Steph. Thanks for, you know, writing the book though. (Stylelite)