This Is What Happens When Quirky & Minimal Intersect

You don't amass a 65,000-plus Instagram following by not being interesting. So, Atlanta-based Etsy creative Yokoo Gibraan must be pretty cool — or so her handle @yokoogibraan will have us believe. This isn't your run-of-the-mill, street-style darling who impresses us with fuzzy new Fendi bags and Alexander Wang heels. Nope, this photo-sharing badass poses like a goofball in her quirkily designed knits, crafts emoticons from inanimate objects, and spells out clever thoughts with alphabet cereal — you know, as one does.
Gibraan's aesthetic is seemingly contradictory — incorporating both kooky and minimalist elements — but it's clearly all kinds of likable and sharable. Fast forward to see why we're digging the irreverent DIYer, photographer, and botany enthusiast. Shop some of her 'grams, and give her a follow — you'll be happy you clicked outside the box.

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