It’s Tiiime: 20 Winter Investment Pieces You’ve Been Meaning To Get

Nothing makes an item of clothing more intimidating than when it's dubbed an "investment piece." It's like saying, "This costs more than your rent check." And, "Maybe next year." And we get it, these days, everyone wants a steal — and rightly so. Trends move so quickly that it can feel silly to spend a ton of money on any one thing. But at the same time, investments are called that because there's a long-term payoff. They're items you buy once and then never again.
Anyone's who's nabbed such a big-ticket buy knows the feeling of buying something you know will outlast the sped-up, rise-and-fall cycle of fast-fashion trends. The key is to put your money into something that lets your personality shine through, while still being a classic, timeless piece. Because, when the price is justified, whether by the quality of the item, its sheer meaningfulness to you, or how you earned it for yourself, it doesn't have to be intimidating in the slightest.
So with all of this in mind, we've rounded up some cold-weather ready investment pieces that you tell yourself you're looking to get. Who knows? Maybe this is the year...