A Trio Of Coachella-Worthy Looks Made To Cop!

Athletes have the Super Bowl, actors have the Oscars...while us Angelenos, well, we have something even better: Coachella. And, just like the best of them, we take this pinnacle event very seriously. In fact, we tend to lose sight of what matters most — the music.
In addition to our goal of being snapped by every street peeper under the Indio sun (in our defense: we can't help it!), we're making it a point this year to tune into the sweet sounds from some of the very best performers. So, whether your itinerary includes pool-hopping, dancing your derrière off 'til dawn, or lounging like it's your job — we have three camera-ready looks that are prime for a go around that infamous ferris wheel. Now, where did we put that suitcase...

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