Velcro Shoes For Grown-Ups: Is This A Thing Now?

We like to think we were born stylish. The truth? For most of our childhood, our shoe collection was dominated by one seldom-chic feature: Velcro. Back in our youth, we didn’t mind the unsightly, chunky straps securing our footwear to our feet. Now that we’re grown-ups, though, we wouldn’t dream of donning such kiddie-like kicks…or would we?
Lately, we’ve seen some styles that are making us reconsider our stance on the hook-and-loop fastener (and not just because we’re nostalgic for the ‘90s). The new Velcro iterations are just as functional as the playground-friendly versions of yore, with designs that are significantly more refined. Still side-eyeing? We rounded up our evidence ahead for your viewing — and shopping — pleasure. Check it out, and let us know if you’ll be giving this blast-from-the-past trend a second spin. Crazier things have happened.