6 Perfect Date-Night Outfits That STUN

There's no other Hallmark-endorsed holiday that causes as much ambivalence and excitement as Valentine's Day. You don't have to celebrate it or even acknowledge it — but it's all around you. On one end of the spectrum, you could be a silent spectator, snacking on your coworker's candy-hearts stash and double-tapping all the rose bouquets popping up on your Insta feed. Or, on the other, you could get in the game and plan a date.
Now, if the D-word scares you, we get it: Between stressing over whether or not you should go out with that cute prospect (answer: yes, you should!) and, even more daunting, picking out an outfit, the idea of staying at home in your PJs can start to sound way more appealing. But, don't start reneging on your V-Day planning just yet. In our book, you don't have to celebrate that love-is-in-the-air feeling with a potential suitor (this is what friends are for), and your outfit needn't involve a preliminary panic attack (or head-to-toe pink). So, we've picked out the perfect outfit for every type of Valentine's Day adventure — from a rom-com bender with your BFF to a meet-up with a new Tinder connection — and some beauty pairings for good measure, like a dab of Juicy Couture's fun and flirty scent, Viva la Juicy. Click on to find the V-Day look that fits your agenda, and you'll end up scoring all the double-taps.

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