30 Gorgeous Engagement Rings That Are Totally Unexpected

It's no secret that the first thing everyone wants to see when someone gets engaged is the ring. Aside from the fact that you'll presumably be wearing the damn thing for the rest of your life, it's got to be really, really good. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when hunting for a piece of jewelry that's this important — it signifies a special time and relationship, you wear it more than any other piece of jewelry you own, and it has to match your style not only now, but forever. The great news is, there is a ring out there for everyone, regardless of your taste and preferences.
So before you write off the idea of ring-shopping because the plethora of options feels like too much to handle, we've rounded up 30 beauties that prove your average diamond just isn't going to cut it anymore. From black diamonds to quirky cuts, the ring to end all rings could lie ahead — and when you stumble upon it, we swear you'll know.