The Unexpected Place to Find Cheap Jewelry

When we're looking for cheap baubles, more often than not, our muscle memory kicks in and we end up perusing the same go-to stores. It's an easy way to shop — low risk, high reward. But it's time to kick Zara to the curb (only for a second, don't worry!) and consider other places that will get you those cool earrings or swanky necklaces you've been trying to find without breaking the bank.

We love COS for its clean, minimalist, and fashion-forward (not to mention mostly well-priced) designs. And its jewelry is no different. For under $100 dollars, you can get in on minimalist statement pieces that have been blowing up the runways. The best part, though, is that COS is often overlooked as a place to just buy jewels, so getting 'em there lowers the chances of running into someone on the street with the same hoops hanging from their lobes.

Take a look at the picks ahead to see all the new bling that will make your outfit.
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Elegance, jewelry-fied.

COS Circle Shape Earrings, $35, available at COS.
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A fancier take on a gold chain.

COS Spherical Necklace, $59, available at COS.
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These are fun with a casual gray tee.

COS Small Concrete Disk Earrings, $19, available at COS.
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Perfect for a jeans and a T-shirt or a night out.

COS Long Rectangular Earrings, $22, available at COS.
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For starting your minimal-necklace collection.

COS Curved Shape Necklace, $19, available at COS.
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The perfect, and more exciting, everyday earrings.

COS Small Spherical Earrings, $19, available at COS.
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Introducing the cool-girl bangle.

COS Oval Shape Bangle, $35, available at COS.
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A necklace that would make Sol LeWitt proud.

COS Long Contrast Shape Necklace, $25, available at COS.
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Consider this a must for your ring collection.

COS Folded Metal Ring, $35, available at COS.
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Earrings that make you feel like you're wearing a tiny part of a Mondrian painting.

COS Contrast Earrings, $22, available at COS.
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Super-simple and less than $20? We have a winner.

COS Disk Earrings, $19, available at COS.
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The minimal bangle you've been searching for.

COS Metal Bangle, $39, available at COS.
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Not your average stud earring.

COS Circular Stud Earrings, $19, available at COS.
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Throw this on with a gold chain choker.

COS Warped Circle Necklace, $25, available at COS.
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If you wear this necklace, you won't feel worried about mixing metals.

COS Ball Pendant Necklace, $25, available at COS.
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Simple, sleek, and under $40.

COS Hook Shape Earrings, $35, available at COS.
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Why take a trip to the MoMA when you have modern artwork right on your arms?

COS Chunky Metal Bangle, $49, available at COS.
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A matching ring doesn't hurt, either.

COS Chunky Metal Ring, $19, available at COS.
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We like this sculptural stud.

COS Folded Metal Earrings, $19, available at COS.

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