13 Gorgeous Tattoos That Celebrate Travel

Photo via @pokie4.
Imagine looking at your forearm and being reminded of your favorite skyline, or glancing at your wrist and being transported to Paris. Some people like to get a T-shirt with the name of a city they visited, or share photos from a particularly memorable trip; others prefer to have their memories preserved forever on their bodies, in ink.

From compasses and coordinates to landscapes and landmarks, we found 13 gorgeous travel-inspired tattoos on Instagram. Whether you've already traveled the world or you just hope to soon, get ready for some serious wanderlust.
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Photo via @pokie4.
A delicate traveler.
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Photo via @levistattoo.
Where do these coordinates lead?
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Photo via @bothersome.
Japan is calling.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified the location pictured as being in China. We have updated the text accordingly.
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Photo via @tattoolookbook.
She's got the whole world, on her back.
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Photo via @dr_woo_ssc.
Take in the view.
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Photo via @jenxtattoos.
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Oh, the places you'll go!
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She takes her passport everywhere.
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Photo via @epresh.
Beautiful outlines of landmarks from different cities.
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Photo via @dr_woo_ssc.
Leaving on a jet plane.
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Photo via @mentelivre.
A compass on your forearm, to guide you.
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Photo via @tattoostudio81.
You'll never get lost with these.
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Photo via @erasmusgeneration.
Although, getting lost is the best part of traveling.

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