20 Spring Shoes To Try That Aren't Sandals

On a nice clear day, springtime boosts our spirits sky-high out of the doldrums of winter. There's a real attitude adjustment taking place in our closets right now, too. Thick turtlenecks are being replaced by tissue-light tees, wool skirts are making way for minis, and we're swapping out our trusty boots for more strappy numbers. But, before we get too giddy and reach for the shiny new sandals we've been waiting to wear since January, we need to be realistic about the forecast.

There's no need to cross your fingers for 72-degree days to trot out more lightweight footwear. Plenty of transitional styles can help us step into sunny days without barreling full-throttle into pedicure season. Ahead, we rounded up 20 options for putting a little spring in your step while there's still a cool breeze in the air. 

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