Why EVERY Skin Tone Should Give Bronzer A Shot

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If you've fallen prey to the notion that bronzer is only for summer, or that it only works with certain skin tones (yours not included), time to follow a new makeup mantra. Bronzer is not only a no-miss way to warm up a pale complexion during the fall and winter seasons, but it can also instantly transform and enhance any complexion and bone structure.
MAC's Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt, a self-proclaimed beauty exorcist who likes to "pull the beauty out of people," says that, yes, bronzer works on all skin tones. "I think browns pretty much work on everybody," says Arlt. "It’s finding the right browns, finding the right texture."
Using a warmer palette, like golden-brown, can appear more "pleasing as opposed to grays," he adds. "Having those warm chocolate-browns and golden-browns makes the skin look more healthy and pretty."
Arlt's other tips for enhancing natural beauty?
When it comes to highlighting and conturing, the makeup master encourages finding a color that's "about two shades lighter than your own skin tone," noting that something that's a bit more yellow-based looks more natural. “General rule of thumb, whenever you lighten something, it stands out, and whenever you darken something, it recedes," Arlt says. "You want to darken underneath your cheekbone, in the little cavity area." When you highlight, "you highlight your upper cheekbone," and can also add some down the bridge of the nose and the chin as well.
"I tend not to contour unless for photography, because you can see the makeup and it doesn't look as natural," Arlt says. "So, I always try to create depth by adding light...If you highlight the upper cheekbone, [it's] already going to look like it has a lot more depth."
The same goes for the eyes. "Instead of going for a dark eye shadow in the crease, I’ll do a light color on the lid, and a little underneath the brow bone. Then, it already looks like you have a natural darkness in here," Arlt says. The light color on the lid could also be a subtle, neutral shimmer.
And that, beauty buffs, is how to flaunt what you've got!

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