Proof Statement Jewelry Can Also Be Understated

We talk a lot about "statement" jewelry here at Refinery29. We're quick to label things statement this and statement that, but what does the term really mean these days, anyway? Isn't it just as possible to draw attention in a pair of dainty paperclip studs as it is with a wildly colored, tassel necklace? We'd argue yes. Which brings us to the matter at hand: the decidedly understated statement.
No longer is a vibrant, clunky design needed to earn your bauble the title. We offer Third Crown as proof: Designers Kristin and Kofi Essel founded the brand on a mutual fascination for structure, architectural lines, and bold, geometric accents, and the pair's work features sleek metals with nary a hue beyond silver and gold in sight. Up ahead, you can shop the duo's pared-back rings, earrings, and cuffs and join this season's new-wave, no-fuss approach to icing yourself. Stacking optional.

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