5 Work Outfits, 10 Shoes — Go ANYWHERE

Forget classifications like pump, sandal, high-top, and loafer. We have a shoe truth that will blow your mind: There are really only two types. There are those that can withstand a few laps around the office and maybe even a night out, but aren't meant for long distances, and then there are those we can wear all day sans struggle (or Band-Aids). This delineation is never more apparent than during our daily commute.
So, we're applying a fix to that common 9-to-5-related conundrum. After all, walking to the subway in heels is generally ill-advised, but swapping in cruddy gym sneakers isn't much better. Instead, we’re pulling the ol’ switcheroo on commute-to-cubicle footwear and styling a week's worth of outfits with — count 'em — two perfect steppers for each look. Your day will never start off on the wrong foot again.
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Wear These With: The Power Suit
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You're a badass businesswoman who knows a thing or two about style. You carry indie It bags and wear the coolest jewelry, and you're just as confident in sneakers as you are in your clack-iest pair of heels. Your coworkers bow down to your fashion authority on a regular basis. And, at that Monday-morning meeting, you're the epitome of calm and collected in this pale-pastel Reiss suit and the heels you just strapped on in the lobby.
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Wear These With: The Full Skirt
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For ladylike dressers, full skirts and punchy platforms are an ideal match for summer. But, as anyone who has walked any sizable distance in too-high heels can attest, doing so was probably a very bad, ill-conceived decision. We now know to stow a sleek pair of sandals that'll really go the mile — painlessly.
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Wear These With: The Culotte
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The days of utilitarian comfort shoes for your commute are over. Now your sneaks can have as much kick as the rest of your outfit with PUMA's Disc Tropicalia shoes. They add a punch of Brazilian-inspired color to even the most basic corporate combo. And, while no one would think twice if you "forgot" to switch to heels at the office, making the change is a cinch with their no-lace closure — just slip on and go.
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Wear These With: The Wide-Legged Pant
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The first commandment of donning wide-legged pants: Thou shalt not wear flats and let that billowy hem be snagged and dragged along the floor. Instead, opt for a cool, flatform sneaker — like this T-Rex-printed Au Jour Le Jour style — for a little extra height during the walk to work. Then, slip into envy-inducing, bubblegum-pink pumps once you're safely situated at your desk. Up the ante with unique accessories, like a tassel necklace and a quirky, colorblocked tote.
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Wear These With: The Matching Set
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To be clear: Your worn-in running sneakers should stay put with the rest of your gym gear. But, if you've got a pair of super-sleek, colorful kicks worth showing off, by all means, wear 'em to the office (as long as you've got the go-ahead from HR). If not, your fully kosher black pumps can swoop in and save you in a snap. Let pastels in on the action, too. IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson's studded satchel perfectly contrasts with the saturation in these funky, camouflage Valentino trainers.
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Ah, the throw-on-and-go dress. Where would our wardrobe be without it? On those stressful mornings when you're racing against the clock, there's nothing easier than zipping into this one-and-done staple. Pair it with a cropped jacket and a perforated tote, and you're all but guaranteed to be the coolest early bird on the subway platform, train, or [insert mode of transportation here]. As for your feet, keep em' just as effortless as your upper half: Don metallic-neutral loafers while on-the-go and tan, T-strap sandals after you've arrived at your day's destination.

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