5 Work Outfits, 10 Shoes — Go ANYWHERE

Forget classifications like pump, sandal, high-top, and loafer. We have a shoe truth that will blow your mind: There are really only two types. There are those that can withstand a few laps around the office and maybe even a night out, but aren't meant for long distances, and then there are those we can wear all day sans struggle (or Band-Aids). This delineation is never more apparent than during our daily commute.
So, we're applying a fix to that common 9-to-5-related conundrum. After all, walking to the subway in heels is generally ill-advised, but swapping in cruddy gym sneakers isn't much better. Instead, we’re pulling the ol’ switcheroo on commute-to-cubicle footwear and styling a week's worth of outfits with — count 'em — two perfect steppers for each look. Your day will never start off on the wrong foot again.

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