Thigh Master: Bike Shorts Have a Stylish Moment

Okay, so the new Alex Wang pre-Fall lookbook arrived yesterday, and while immediately we were raving about his apparent deftness with trousers, another less-expected idea emerged that seems to be catching on: bike shorts as a layering piece. Wang fashioned his out of super-sheer nylon (DIY project this weekend?), but we recalled other designers such as Micheal Kors and Abaete topping different kinds of skintight shorts with skirts and dresses alike. Why do we like this trend so much? It's easy, it's a little sexy, unexpectedly sporty, and throws that whole stigma about bike shorts being vulgar right out the window. Least of all, it looks comfy. And given how short that little bubble skirt is getting, a little extra confidence will surely go a long way.
Above, from left: A spring '09 look from Michael Kors; a pre-fall '09 look from Alexander Wang; a spring '09 look from Abaete.
Above, from left: A fall '08 look from Miu Miu; a pre-fall '09 look from Alexander Wang; a resort '09 look from Prada.

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