Cheap Challenge: How 5 Teens Each Spent $100 To Make An Outfit

Photo: Courtesy of November Sky Rivera.
With all this talk of how teens shop, we found ourselves wanting to see it in action: how members of Generation Z choose the stores they're visiting, how they scan through the racks, and what pieces they actually buy (especially on a teen budget). That's why we sent five teenagers $100 each to create an outfit of their choice — and they reminded us that it is possible to score pieces that are "so you" without having to spend a crazy amount of money.
Between fast-fashion retailers and thrift stores, the five looks ahead may be budget-friendly — but look anything but cheap. Click through to see what they scored and how they styled them, and the reasoning behind each outfit. If there's one thing we admire from Gen Z's aesthetic, it's their way to make anything, whether it's from Zara or their mother's closet, totally their own. And that's exactly what these girls do.