Suri Cruise Goes Hipster Chic In…McCarren Park

We never thought we'd see the day that Suri Cruise would be fraternizing with (shock!) non-famouses. But, in some confusing twist of events, not only was Ms. S spotted in a public park yesterday (alongside mom Katie Holmes, of course), but she was in McCarren Park, home to hipsters and their hipster tots alike. Yes, the same McCarren Park that was shut down this summer for public brawls. Not that the playground's unsafe — far from it — we just weren't expecting Suri (delicately dressed Suri) to be hanging so openly within arm's reach of outfit-ruiners like dirt and wood chips. Though we're in total support of this "normal" childhood. Except, we weren't wearing our Sunday designer best (a one-shouldered floral dress, frilly socks, and ballet flats) to get down 'n' dirty in the park. What's next? A cameo on Girls? (Just Jared)

Photo: Via Just Jared