How Not To Over-Stay Your Welcome & More Vacation Etiquette

'Tis the season for summer shares; these communal getaways are a genius solution for cash-strapped millennials, but spending time in someone’s home and, on the flip-side, hosting visitors, calls for a bit more prudence than shacking up in a hotel. Let’s just say things can get a little awkward if you break a priceless family heirloom or have guests that don’t plan on leaving your beach-side bungalow, like, ever.
To help you avoid a summer-share meltdown, we've asked three etiquette experts to spill their secrets on how to be the perfect house guest, a renter with no regrets, and a host with the most. Stash their tips in your carry-on — along with your scoop-back one-piece and a thank-you bottle of prosecco — and get ready to look back on a weekend of fun, and nary a faux pas.

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