This Playlist Is The Perfect Soundtrack To Your Summer 2020 Road Trip

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
For obvious reasons, summer 2020 looks a lot different than what we're used to. But just because the rules have changed doesn't mean that we can't still take advantage of the warm weather (while staying safe).
That's why many people are turning to road trips for their post-lockdown summer getaway. Adventure is out there: all you need are some wheels, a good co-pilot (pets included), a map, and a playlist that inspires and propels you forward. Thankfully, we've got the last one covered.
If you're just looking for a list of more generally classic tunes to bop to, we've got just the thing. But consider a playlist that speaks more to the moment — to that 2020 energy that is equal parts frustrated and free ("fuck off" and "fuck it," so to speak). These songs are ones that allow us to let loose, channel our inner TikTok celebrity, and let out our what-is-up-with-the-state-of-the-world angst. In fact, we'd be remiss not to be able to blast Avenue Beat's "F2020" with the windows down and sing the unapologetic anthem at the top of our lungs.
As you drive surrounded by open road and led by the tempting promise of the horizon ahead, this batch of songs can be the soundtrack to your complex mixture of feelings — from sisters Chloe x Halle's twinkling "Do It" and Lady Gaga x BLACKPINK's cheeky "Sour Candy" to the expansive "Daydream" by alt-rock quartet The Aces.

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