This Jumpsuit Is Everywhere — & It's Selling Out Fast

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Everyone loves a jumpsuit, because really, what's better than a one-piece outfit? But, there's one jumpsuit in particular that's kind of blowing up, and if you feel like you've been seeing it everywhere, that's because it is everywhere. Sugarhigh Lovestoned, a Maui-based, hippie-chic, capsule-driven brand, has one pair of coveralls that's been getting a bit of attention, and it's selling fast.
The brand's Stardust Coveralls, which feature a slouchy, effortless silhouette and the word "Cosmos" embroidered on the back, were recently worn by French blogger Anne-Laure Mais, thus showing up in numerous street style stories around the web. The brand also tells us they just sent the Stardust Coveralls to Kristen Stewart and her S.O., and that the style will be available at Free People in May. Right now, however quantities are limited, and Sugarhigh has only about 60 units on-hand.
If you want to buy one fun yet versatile piece for spring, let it be this one. Click on to shop it before it's gone (though you can add your name to the wait list if it's out of stock), along with some similar options.