The TikTok-Viral Solgaard Suitcase Just Dropped An Exciting Launch

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There are several non-negotiables when I look for a new carry-on suitcase. To state the obvious, it has to be a piece of durable luggage, made in a lightweight material that I can lift up and stash in the overhead cabin. Also high on my list is the appearance: I want it to look cute in my airport #OOTD pics. Perhaps the most overlooked "it" factor, at least in my opinion, is how quickly the suitcase can make you feel settled in. Unpacking my travel outfits and essentials — and putting them where they're supposed to live — is a crucial step in making a foreign place feel more like home. The quicker I can get the job done, the sooner I feel ready to go out and explore.
When a viral TikTok about the Solgaard Carry-On Closet landed on my FYP, I was instantly hooked. It seems to have all the attributes I've been looking for, but the unique selling point is a built-in shelving system that makes packing and unpacking a total breeze.
Being the nosy travel writer that I am, I simply had to give this suitcase a test run. Plus, with the brand launching a limited-edition Precious Metals Collection — featuring finishes in rose gold, blush gold, and platinum — there's no better time to give this viral bag a whirl.
Read ahead for my honest thoughts — and why this might be just the genius rolling luggage you need to make your next getaway totally organized.

Solgaard Carry-On Closet Large (For U.S. Airlines), $345

First things first: The suitcase I tested out was an older version of the Carry-On Closet. The brand has just dropped a new-and-improved design, featuring a boxier shape that allows for even-more packing real estate along with a roomier compression shelf inside. The exterior shell now feature more raised ribs and updated metal corners, which guard against the rough handling that occurs during traveling. There is also a motorcycle-inspired ergonomic handle that makes the case comfortable for grab-and-go.
Unboxing this suitcase can feel a bit like figuring out a puzzle. The various belts and buckles are confusing at first glance, so it's helpful to read through the attached instructional manual. But here's the 411: Instead of a mesh divider splitting the hardshell suitcase down the middle, there is a removable nylon organizer with five shelves hidden in a drawstring bag (which can be repurposed as a laundry bag). Once you've filled up the organizer, you can use the adjustable straps on both sides to compress the contents — and all of it can be neatly folded and buckled into one half of the suitcase.
As someone who finds packing super-stressful — but is also a chronic procrastinator — this organizer feature has been a godsend. After using my Carry-On Closet on two long weekend trips, I've figured out the magic packing combo to help my brain compartmentalize and get through the admin. The top two shelves are half covered by an elastic mesh layer, making it a great home for toiletry bags and underwear. The roomiest are the middle two zipped pockets, which I use for tops and bottoms, respectively. Finally, the bottom shelf has various hexagonal openings so you can stash your spare shoes and any other miscellaneous items.
The inside of my packed Solgaard Carry-On Closet
The organizer when hung up inside a wardrobe
The organizer comes with a buckle at the back, so you can hang it up either in a proper closet or on the telescopic handle when it's all the way extended. If you prefer to do the latter, there's a small buckle that keeps the two sides of the suitcase open at a 90-degree angle. I personally love packing and unpacking the organizer when it's hung up on the hanger rod. It's so easy to spot where everything is — and I pack so much easier knowing the designated spot for each item.
The trick is to only fill up each compartment to 80% capacity, so the shelves can be easily compressed and crammed back into the suitcase. I was able to pack four days' worth of winter outfits, my makeup, and a pair of shoes on just one side of the suitcase, leaving the other half wide open for souvenirs and shopping. I can imagine the capacity is even more generous for summer outfits.

"You can pack so much more than a regular carry-on, plus it helps you stay way more organized than packing cubes. The best part: you don't have to unpack!"

Cynthia, solgaard reviewer
The smart design features don't end there. The polycarbonate shell and aluminum frame are remarkably light, and the weight is evenly distributed. I was able to throw my fully packed carry-on onto my overhead cabin with ease — something I usually struggle with on my own. Instead of all-around zippers, there are two snap closures, which is great for a lazy person like me. There is also a USB charging cable: Hook one end to your power bank and put it in the designated pocket, and you can charge your phone straight from the suitcase.
The wheels and handles were the specs that felt the most high-quality to me. It was incredibly easy to glide the case around (even on the cobbled streets of Europe), and the wheels were by far the quietest and least rattly out of all the luggage I own. The curved design of the handle makes it ultra-comfortable to use, and it feels molded to the shape of my grip. The horizontal ribbed appearance of the case is also very distinctive, making it easy to recognize if you decide to check your bag.
The brand also makes a slightly smaller Medium Carry-On Closet to fit European airline regulations. If you're keen to utilize this genius mechanism on longer trips, check out the Medium Check-In Closet, which can fit enough essentials for a two-week trip, and The Large Check-In Closet, for even longer stays.

Shop the Solgaard Carry-On Closet in different sizes:

If you're looking to make packing less of a hassle, the Solgaard Carry-On Closet will be a very helpful addition to your travel arsenal. Not only is it a dream to wheel around, but it's also a no-brainer alternative to packing cubes. I can see why the suitcase is such a massive hit on TikTok: It will definitely be the frequent flyer among my own luggage collection.

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