What Is This Symbol, You Ask?

You may not be familiar with the Greek term Ouroboros, but we bet you're very well acquainted with the motif it's named after. An Ouroboros is a mythological symbol of a snake eating its tail that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and Greece. It has several different meanings, representing infinity, the cyclical nature of life, and reinvention — all surprisingly positive associations for the oft-vilified, cold-blooded reptile.
Sure, serpent-embellished jewelry isn't for everyone — some will brazenly deem it novelty — but the symbol is indeed a special one (often used to commemorate unions). And, even though these styles are trending now doesn't mean you can't wear and love the baubles for years to come. From wedding bands to signet rings and lariat necklaces, the 12 reptilian buys ahead will definitely add some ssssssss-spice to your jewelry game.

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