This Plus-Size Magazine’s Latest Issue Was Shot In 3-D

British self-identified plus-size fashion magazine SLiNK wants readers to know how real life its models are. Though only in its seventh issue, SLiNK has a distinct vision and is adamant about its (British) size-14-minimum requirement for models. The bi-monthly books prides itself on "styling your curves" and "fashioning your life" without being married to plus-size conventions. The current issue's cover girl is Australian model (and journalism student!) Bree Warren, wearing clothes by our recent favorite, ASOS Curve.
SLiNK editor Rivkie Baum spoke with The Daily Mail about the inspiration behind the 3-D issue and appealing to all body shapes: "We wanted something fierce and fresh with a military spin…. We worked with a lot of mainstream PR agencies for this shoot, especially with young designers whose samples would work for both a girl of size 14 and a straight size model."
Baum seems to know what she's doing. Tackling a market with the same sort of fashion-forward concepts channeled by "straight-size" magazines doesn't make this pub feel gimmicky at all, but like a high-fashion mag...without the high-fashion-size concerns.

Photo: Courtesy of SLiNK