This Walkable Heel Trend Will Replace Your Commuter Shoes

Sure, your go-to commuting shoe is great on days that trekking to work feels like a nightmare. But wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to swap shoes once you got into the office, and instead already had on a cute pair that's just as walkable as your running sneakers?
Thanks to rise of the "grandma heel," the low-heeled slingback is making its way back into the shoe wardrobes of corporate #girlbosses and creatives, alike. And once you realize just how comfortable they really are, you won't even find yourself reaching for those worn-out tennis shoes to get from point A to B.
The trick to making this silhouette work is to wear it with boyfriend jeans, a cropped trouser, or other laid-back pieces that will balance out the old-lady feel. And if you're still not convinced, we picked 10 practical-yet-on-trend pairs that we guarantee will change even the most heel-averse person's mind.