10 Gorgeous Takes On This Grandma-Approved Trend

We love our grandmothers for their wisdom, for their cookies, and for their closets — a wonderland of vintage finds that we could never imagine scooping up at our local thrift store. But among the incredible scarves, coats, dresses, and jewels, their shoes (typically low, boxy, and well, not too cute) are usually last on our list of things to borrow.
But, ladies and gents, times are a changing, as they say, so now it's in with the old and out with the new. This past season, a ton of our favorite runway shows had grandma heels stomping all over them. And while we'll admit this trend isn't the easiest to adopt, you just have trust us: It's time to make these old-school pumps chic again. Ahead, you'll find 10 options that don't just look good — they're also comfortable and easy to walk in. And just like a hug from Granny herself, the low block heel is about to become your FAVORITE thing.