This Celeb Makeup Trend Is The Anti-Smoky Eye

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images.
There’s something about spring that makes us thirsty for change. While Kondo-ing your apartment or going for a drastically different hair color are certainly noble pursuits, they also require major commitment. So leave it to Hollywood to inspire a switch up that only lasts for a day. We’re talking about some of the major eye looks that Tinseltown’s finest have been serving on the red carpet as of late: upside down eye looks, dual-tone liners and now, wrap-around shadow, which satisfies the need for something different, but only requires a few products.
The concept is simple: ditch heavy swaths of eyeliner and line both upper and lower lids with soft, hazy shadow instead. It’s a look that’s part ‘70s and part Gibson girl — yet totally modern. Some stars dial up the glam factor by pairing the look with falsies (Hannah Jeter) or wearing sparkle-dusted shades (Thandie Newton). Others, like Dakota Johnson, keep the vibe more mellow by wearing a simple wash of color on its own.
The key to nailing any variation of the look, says celebrity makeup artist Kristen Arnett, is to blend shadows like crazy in order to avoid harsh lines. “Use a tighter brush with a bit of fluff in it to blend,” she advises. To create a look that’s super-soft focus, Arnett suggests applying a bit of translucent powder to the lids before adding color shadow. “It will create a nice, silky base,” she says.
With spring break (and festival season) around the corner, we can’t think of a better time to ditch pencils. Ahead, see why an eyeshadow single in your favorite shade is the only liner you need right now.

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