How To Get This Instagram Star's Double-Tap-Worthy Style

You know them well: Those people whose Instagram feeds are on point, all the time. Their aesthetic is so cohesive that when you see their photos, you immediately recognize them. And whether that's thanks to a certain filter or their unmistakable style, it leaves you double-tapping again and again. With our new column, Shop The Aesthetic, we're unpacking everything you need to get the look of your favorite social media star. Consider this recipe for Insta-success.
Ever since we stumbled upon her Instagram, we've been fans of Dutch fashion journalist Stephanie Broek's signature style: She has a way of pairing full-length dresses (typically from Ganni) with sneakers and has a ridiculous accessories collection (hi, beaded bags!). Plus, we're pretty much convinced she's a long lost Olsen sister. That's why we're 1) constantly talking about how on-point her looks are, and 2) frantically clicking to buy anything she's wearing.
"I dress very feminine and masculine at the same time," Broek tells Refinery29 of her style. "I like to wear men's shirts with more figure-hugging pieces, or dresses with sneakers. My style is also colorful and kind of quirky, because of my glasses. Someone recently commented that I dress like a five-year-old, and I guess she was right."
Social media admittedly has something to do with the way she dresses: "Instagram has changed my style in a very positive way, she says. "Sharing my outfits forces me to push my boundaries, to try new things, and to come up with new combinations; my styling skills have improved because of that, but I also draw inspiration from others on Instagram. Magazine editorials are often too dreamy, unrealistic, and not affordable. On Instagram, I see girls in great outfits they actually wear in real life, for all kinds of weather, and made up of pieces I can actually afford." And that's exactly what we love about her feed.
After being loyal followers for quite some time, we've started to crack the secret code to her styling prowess. As it turns out, to get Stephanie Broek's signature look, all it may take is a pair of oversized sunglasses, a good dress, and a touch of pink. Her feed has that effortless-cool aesthetic we all aspire to, and, if we're lucky, the 10 pieces ahead might just get us one step closer to looking half as chic as she does.