Put Your Long Weekend To Good Use With These Sex Marathon Ideas

PHotographed by Lula Hyers.
So, you have a three-day weekend. Why not put those extra 24 hours of free time to good use? And we’re not talking about brunch. We’re talking about sex. (Although hopefully, you have time in your schedule for both.) 
A three-day weekend is the perfect time for sex that involves a little more time, planning, and props. Quickies are for weeknights. Now is the time for elaborate role play, karezza, shibari, and multiple orgasms.
“If you're heading away for the weekend, consider bringing a few kinks with you,” Daniel Saynt, sex educator and Chief Conspirator at sex and cannabis members club the New Society for Wellness, previously told Refinery29. “Take the weekend to spend time learning a new skill together and then quickly put your knowledge into action.” This applies just as much to a stay-cation, too.
Here are some sex marathon tips to get you started before you spend the whole day in bed (or on the couch, or the kitchen counter, or the shower, or a rug in front of a fire…).

Make a yes/no/maybe list

If you and your partner are interested in trying something new in bed, but are a bit shy about voicing your fantasies or just need some inspiration, then a yes/no/maybe list is perfect for you. These lists spell out different sexual activities — blindfolds, anal sex, watching porn together — and you each decide if each activity is a “yes” (you want to try it), a “no” (you definitely don’t want to try it), or a “maybe” (you might be up for trying it in certain circumstances).

Try karezza

Karezza, also called “slow sex,” prioritizes caressing and emotionally connecting with your partner over orgasm — perfect for a long, lazy weekend in bed.

Go for BDSM

If exploring power dynamics sounds hot to you, incorporate some BDSM into your weekend. Whether it’s bondage, spanking, or ordering a partner around that appeals to you, enjoy — and make sure you talk about your boundaries and choose a safe word first.

Tie your partner up

If you’re new to bondage, try tying your partner’s hands together or to the bed with something safe and soft, like a scarf. If you’re a pro, break out the restraints, or give shibari — a type of rope bondage — a try.

Role play

Take out that sexy nurse costume or pair your favorite pencil skirt with a sheer top to DIY a hot secretary look. 

Try for multiple orgasms

Sex coach Myisha Battle previously told Refinery29 that if you’re trying for multiple orgasms, think of pleasure like a wave: “A lot of people have the experience of, ‘Okay, I’m on this wave of pleasure, and when that wave is over, that’s all I have in me,’” she said. “But there’s actually the potential to continue riding that wave.” 

Have anal sex

Anal sex takes more prep than oral or vaginal sex — start with anal fingering, and maybe try out some anal toys. Whatever you do, use lots of lube.

Have sex in a new position

Browse through a guide to sex positions and note the ones that sound fun — then try them.

Move to a new location

Simply having sex somewhere that’s not your own bed can make the experience feel so much more exciting. Get on the couch, the kitchen counter, or a rug on the floor (bonus points if there’s a fireplace). If you can get out of town for a night, have hotel sex or vacation sex. And if you’re daring, you can even go for some form of public sex, such as slipping a wearable vibrator into your panties before heading out to the bar.

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