8 Sensual Sex Positions For Your Next Date Night

Go ahead and light some candles, because today, we’re talking about sensual sex. Don’t get us a wrong — there’s a time and a place for rough or kinky sex. But sometimes we just want a night that could come straight out of a romance novel.
When Refinery29 asked women to share their deepest sexual fantasies, some imagined totally sweet scenes. “One is with my girlfriend. We're cuddling in bed and making out. The whole time, we're laughing and just having fun,” one woman said.  Another simply said, “Worship my boobs.”
Before you lead your partner to bed, set the mood — not only with candles, but also clean sheets, lingerie, and maybe a sexy playlist. Hey, you can even buy roses if you want to. It’s your night! If you have a date planned, pick a bar or restaurant with low lighting and ambient music. 
When it comes down to it, pretty much any sex position can be sensual. It’s more about passion and pace rather than anything else. Go slow, and spend lots of time on foreplay. For peak romance, we recommend positions that either let you remain face-to-face for easy eye contact and kissing, or positions that allow plenty of full-body touching. Here are some of them.