The Very Best Songs For Every Kind Of Sex

Photographed by lula Hyers.

If you’ve ever been to a spinning class, you know having the right playlist bumping in the background is key for peak performance. Similarly, having the right music playing as you have sex can help you achieve peak orgasm. This, of course, is based on personal research and anecdotal evidence.
But not all sex playlists are created equal. Some people love to listen to music about sex while they get it on (think, "Let's Get It On"), while other people prefer a more subtle song list that feels sexy without being about sex.
Swipe through to find the songs that best match the mood you're hoping to create. Combine two or three of these slides (start with indie songs, move to fast songs, then cue up romantic songs to cool off), or use your favorite slide as a starting point to build your own playlist. Happy listening!

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