6 Friendship Bracelets We Want To Friend-Request For Fall

If you're still thinking about our wrist wars, don't worry, you're not alone. After spotting so many covetable, stackable bracelets (on other people), the competitive spirit hasn't stopped kicking. Really, we're looking for anything to up our arm ante, and if it's not going to set us back too much, all the better. So, perfection has a name in the form of Scosha's swe-et selection of friendship-bracelets and other on-trend bangles for men and women. Their offerings take the summery feel of our current brightly braided ropes and gives them a fall feeling courtesy of muted colors, heavier hardware, and materials like leather and brass. Remember we mentioned the whole low wallet-impact thing? Oh yeah, better believe Reserve's got an exclusive deal that will let you have more funds left over to find the perfect blazer to go with your new wrist loot. The battle got heated—just check out our six Scosha picks we think will have you saying, "Victory."