Sanaa Lathan Talks Acting, Instagram, And Chemistry

Sanaa Lathan is no Hollywood newbie. From roles in '90s cult films like The Best Man and Love & Basketball, to more recent hits like Alien vs. Predator, Lathan's undeniable talent, beauty, and wit come across in every part she takes on. Currently starring in The Best Man Holiday , the actress spoke with us about on-screen chemistry, Instagram, and her advice to actresses just starting out.

You shot The Best Man almost 14 years ago. Did it feel like a reunion when you started shooting The Best Man Holiday?
"I think the chemistry that we discovered in the first movie was still there. It was just as fun to make on-screen as off. A lot of us stayed friends over the years since we shot the first one. So it was a blast."


How has your character changed since the first?
"Well, she's very pregnant now!"

Do you like to watch your own films?
"I don't! I'm the type of person that when my stuff comes on, I'm immediately changing the channel. But Malcolm D. Lee [director of The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday] actually made us watch The Best Man before we started shooting the second. He rented out a screening room and got us food and drinks. It's funny because I really hadn't seen it since it first came out in theaters. And, we were all just blown away by how funny it was, and by how much it still works so well. It got us really excited to start the second one."

What advice do you have for young actresses just starting out?

"Do your homework. Get in a class. Do a play. There's always the story about the person who never took an acting class, and that's celebrated in this country. But I would always encourage actors starting out to study."

You have a great Instagram account! What's your method to posting pics?
"I actually had fun posting a lot when we were on set. I like expressing myself through pictures. It's a whole new frontier."

The Best Man Holiday is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

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