5 Reasons You Need These Hairy, Hobbit-Feet Boots

Pardon the pun, but feet are just so pedestrian. Everyone's got 'em, and, occasional Morton's toes aside, everyone's feet more or less look the same. But, what if you were to break away from the pack? Say, by dressing up your feet as two tiny, furry little Cousin Its?
Get ready for this fantasy to become reality, thanks to Saint Laurent's Patti ankle boots. Each one is covered with a fine fringe of the softest, glossiest black goat hair — because who doesn't dream of the fur of a wild ruminant gently flossing her toes?
They hearken back to the Yeti boots popularized by early-2000s starlets, later revived by Chanel, and still favored by Snookis and EDM girls alike. But, this pair is more dangerous, more sleek, more rocker chic. In short, it is the boot every wannabe-Hobbit needs in her closet this season.
Click ahead for a closer look at the shoe redefining "hair-calf," and five reasons you should take the nanny-goat plunge.

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