Here's Everything You'll Be Charged For On A Ryanair Flight

Budget airlines are essential if you want to travel without draining your savings account. Ryanair, in particular, is to thank for getting us around Europe on the cheap: Where else would you find crazy bargains like $13 flights to Barcelona or $4 flash sale deals to Bordeaux and Oslo?
However, as incredible as these bargains sound, any savvy consumer knows the total price will add up to a lot more. Low-cost carriers increase their profit margins by charging fees for a long list of unexpected things, and it's up to you to pay attention to the rules. To help you tread those waters carefully and avoid unpleasant surprises at the check-in counter, we're shaking out all the extra fees you should know about before you purchase a ticket you think is a total steal.
Checked Baggage
There are two options for checking bags: 15kg or 20kg. The price fluctuates according to when and where you're traveling, and you're limited to three pieces of checked luggage. This can cost you anywhere from $11 to $56 for the 15 kg option, and $17 to $67 for the 20kg category. It's always best to make your checked-luggage arrangements online when you're making your reservation. There is an extra $11 charge if you check bags at the airport.
What happens if you go over the weight limit? You'll be charged an $11-per-kg penalty, and this can add up really fast. The internet is full of stories of people learning the hard way that the overweight charge can easily surpass how much you paid for the flight in the first place.
Carry-On Baggage
The airline operates a strict policy for cabin baggage: You can only bring on a small rolling luggage under 10kg and a small handbag. If you exceed the weight or size limit and need to check your bag at the gate, you will be charged a $56 penalty.
Credit Card Surcharge
Expect a 2% fee for transactions made with a credit card when you book tickets online.
Priority Boarding
If you're in a rush, priority boarding may be a good timesaver. It's an extra $5 if you book online or $7 at the airport. If want you the freedom to pick your own seat, be prepared to shell out an extra $2 online or $3 in person.
Seat Charges
Extra legroom seats in the first two rows are $12 extra, and the next three rows are an additional $8. The good news? You automatically get priority boarding.
Flight Changes
Making changes to your flight during low season will cost you an additional $33 to $56, and the range goes up to between $45 to $67 during peak season. You might want to rethink changing a passenger name. The fees are between $112 and $180, so you might be better off forfeiting the ticket in some cases.
Infant Fee
Children under the age of two can sit in a parent's lap. However, you will have to pay an $11 surcharge if you reserve online. The price doubles to $22 at the airport.
You didn't expect this to be free, right? According to Ryanair's summer 2017 menu, buying a bottle of still or sparking water on board will cost you roughly $3.

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