Retail Therapy: The Best Splurges That Came Out Of My Breakups

Illustration by Anna Sudit.
There's nothing like heartbreak to reveal sides of ourselves we're not always keen to discover. But, thanks to a bevy of dating apps, economy tubs of ice cream, and a few best friends, it's just as easy to get back into the game as it is to get knocked out of it. My go-to cheer-up move has always been to replace something old with something new — and I'm not talking about dates.

I'm a firm practitioner of retail therapy. When I broke onto the dating scene in the fifth grade, kids were pretty much just as vicious as they are today, but rejection was not as hard to cope with and the Do you like me? Check yes or no paper airplanes were pretty easy to get rid of. Heartbreak then meant a night at the roller rink on my parents' dime. But, then as now, when it comes to my relationships (and my shopping habits), if it isn't love at first sight, it's probably not my style.

From the guy who resented my spending habit to the one whose own wardrobe consisted of stolen garments from boyfriends past, it sometimes feels like I've been through it all. And, as for the guy who stops talking to you after the second date, it's easy to pretend he just woke up one day and died or something. But, I like to turn negatives into positives and commemorate endings with designer duds. When I look back on relationships gone wrong, I see frustration and betrayal and sadness, for sure, but I also see that moto jacket that makes me feel like a star every time I put it on.

Read ahead as I recount every purchase that my closet — and my heart — will never forget.

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