Rad Or Bad: Keira’s Vogue UK Flower Power

Not since Carrie Bradshaw pinned herself with a flower brooch on SATC years ago (then resurrected x10 in SATC the movie) was a simple floral accessory the talk of a blossoming trend. Then we saw January cover of British Vogue. Keira Knightley, a red carpet muse who can pull almost anything off, is posed aloof on a white couch with a polka-dotted Dolce & Gabbana halter dress, and accessorized by a very questionable makeshift flower choker. The patent-red floral corsage by V.V. Rouleaux was simply attached to a necklace to make this floral Adams-apple accessory. We ask, would our readers now go out and make this petaled accent into Bradshaw part deux, or will this trend wilt as soon as the February issue comes out? You tell us—is it rad or bad?