10 Prom Manicures That Are So Much Cooler Than A French Tip

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Every prom season, a flood of 18-year-old girls swarms the local nail salon. And no matter if their dresses are blue, green, gold, or sparkly, they're all asking for the same thing: a French manicure. But this spring, we're turning the traditional prom mani — a simple, white tip — on its head and giving it a cool-girl upgrade.
If you're looking for trendy, but still minimalist, manicure inspiration — something that will get grandma's stamp of approval but you won't see on everyone else's fingernails — you'll find it in the slides ahead. From faded glitter tips to a bare nail with a teensy stripe of neon pink at the cuticle, scroll through to find (then screenshot) the prom manicure that'll complete your artsy corsage shot.
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The brushstroke mani or as we like to call it, “the messy mani”

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From far away, this looks like a light-pink manicure with a reflective gold shine. But get a little closer and you'll spot the cool and artsy brushstrokes.
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Confetti polish is all the rage right now. We recommend finding a clear polish with bigger flecks of glitter, preferably with laser-cut hearts or stars mixed in.
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Switch up where your glitter accent hits on each fingernail for a fun play on negative space.
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To make your short nails look longer, try a super-skinny, pink French tip paired with a shimmery, rose-gold cuticle stripe.
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You can't go wrong with a nude polish with silver pop-out gemstones focused around your cuticle — it goes with any and every dress color.
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Ask for your nails to be filed into a sleek almond shape, then add accent art. One option: These glitter droplets with a different color on each fingernail.
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Orbit nails, but make them fancy.
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If you're wearing a corsage on your wrist, double down with a floral nail art design.
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Burnished copper next to baby-blue pastel is a color combo that's bright, spring-y, and inherently elegant all at the same time.
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This glossy, candy-coated pink manicure is as easy as grabbing a bottle of Essie's Sheer Silhouettes polish the next time you're at Target.

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