16 Spring-tastic Plastic Totes That're Perfect For Winter Commuting

It’s officially January, people. But, before you get depressed because the days are darker and the weather seems to get drearier by the minute, bear with us. There is a sliver lining, because this month totally warrants a new bag purchase. But, we're not talking just any old carryall — you need a solid tote. Specifically a PVC purse, that special plastic number that’s made to beat those January elements like slush, rain, sleet, and snow. No, there won't be any ruined leather here. And, the even better part? Once you find a version that’s large enough, you can store your office-ready shoes easily as you stomp through the streets in your snow boots on the way into work.
So, to give you a hand in that search for your next lug-everywhere tote, we rounded up the styles that’ll tickle just about every fancy. From a see-through Dolce & Gabbana stunner (don't be scared of the transparency!) to a femme Marc by Marc Jacobs beauty, the 16 plastic shopping bags (no, not those kind) ahead are guaranteed to make your next commute a breeze.

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