Peep Natalie Portman’s Conflict-Free Diamond Engagement Ring

Leave it to vegan poster girl Natalie Portman to have a stunning, customized, eco-friendly engagement ring. Thoughtfully designed by Portman's dancer-model fiancé Benjamin Millepied, with Portman's green principles in mind and the help of fellow ballet dancer-turned-jeweler friend Jamie Wolf, the $35,000 bling is made of recycled metals and an antique center stone, plus the pave diamonds that circle the antique diamond are all blood diamond here. So not only is this ring one-of-a-kind, outrageously gorgeous, and eco-conscious, but it screams Natalie. It's so romantic how well Millepied knows his future wife, and we can only imagine the marriage will be as conflict-free and beautiful as the ring! (OK)