Time To Dig Up Your Plastic Clips & Blair Waldorf Headbands

There was nothing I used to love more than the hair-accessory isle in the grocery store as a child (Publix, if we're getting specific). Thanks to Lizzie McGuire, I was constantly craving all the clips, barettes, hairties, headbands, and anything else that I could get my little hands on. Now, I wish I'd never throw them away. Why? Because all those silly, throwback hair accessories are having a serious moment in fashion, and we have a real need to re-up on plastic clips and Blair Waldorf-style headbands (even if they do hurt the backs of your ears).
It all started when I caught wind of this piece on ManRepeller about the triumphant return of hair clamps (largely thanks to the of-the-moment brand, Saks Potts) — you know, the super plastic-y ones with rhinestones and teeth that you'd twist your hair up, clamp it up, and the tips of your hair would stick out at the top in that peak '90s way. A few days later, I met a friend for coffee, and on her head was none other than a classic velvet padded headband that transported me right back to adolescence. I swear, I had those in every color and fabrication you could imagine (if only I still did!), and I'm positive they're about to have a comeback; I even polled on Instagram and a clear 75% of my followers agreed. Via Instagram Direct Message, a few even said they were already breaking theirs out, and another follower claimed the comeback was already in full swing in Australia.
Along with the padded headbands and clamps, I'm hoping colorful bobby pins, barrettes, ribbons, and hey, even butterfly clips follow suit as must-have fashion accessories. I've had too many years of only wearing my hair down, and frankly, age is just a number when we're talking hair accoutrements. Click on for the proof.

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